Welcome to OpenLetterTo

This is one of our new "open forum" sites for posting public ("open")
letters to individuals, businesses, government officials or agencies, 
non-profit organizations or the general public.  This service is under
development and will be available soon.  The small set-up and initial
posting fee is non-refundable and the publication rate depends on
file size and duration of the posting (see payment).  The right to not
post or to remove any material considered to be objectionable for
any reason is reserved and is at the descretion of the postmaster.

It is the Originator's responsibility to notify the recipient(s) of the
exact URL to read the posted letter (i.e., you can not click to read
the letter from here* because there are no links to specific postings).
It is the Originator's responsibility to advertise or announce the posting
of a document for the general public (no specific addee). The Originator
is solely responsible for the content and, inherent in the act of
submitting a letter for posting, agrees to indemnify all owners,
employees, volunteers, and associates of this web site.

        * Unless one "hacks" into the site. NOTE: This is
            a PUBLIC site on the internet and is subject to
            hacking and cracking — not to mention govern-
            ment monitoring.  If you want a secure posting,
            it is suggested that you use USPS registered mail.

This web site/service is being developed in conjunction with:

LetterTo.US, for letters to U.S. officials or agencies
OpenLetterTo.com, for letters to businesses and individuals

blindcopy.cc, private webmail accessible accounts to store copies of data and/or emails
blindcopy.to, private email distribution lists (addee list is stored on the mail server only)
counselor.cc, private certified data storage with redundant offline backup

While we are under construction, please contact: Postmaster

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services for government and military personnel and their families and friends. 
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